How to connect with Xbox live

Xbox live is one among the best online service for your Xbox 360 console. If you enjoy playing games or streaming contents such as movies, TV shows, sporting events, music, Go for your Xbox live now with unlimited streaming.

Xbox live allows you to play games, download and play free game demos, watch movies with Netflix, HBO, GO, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant video .you can also listen to your personalized music with Xbox music and I  Heart Radio.

To connect your console with Xbox live, an active internet connection, either a wired or wireless is essential. You also have options to use your phone or tablet as a second screen for enhanced game and entertainment.


Wired connection

Wired connection is fastest and easy ways to connect to your Xbox live and a network cable is essential to connect your Xbox 360 live to your Router or modem.

A Router, gateway or modem, network cable, high-speed internet connection such as DSL are essential for setting up Xbox live with a wired connection.

You can follow the instructions below on how to connect your Xbox 360 to your Router or modem.

  • The first step is to connect your Xbox 360 to your Router or modem using an Ethernet network cable.
  • Now turn on your Xbox 360 and open the Xbox 360 menu by pressing the guide button. You can find the guide button at the center on your Xbox 360 controller.
  • Go to settings tab >system settings > Network settings
  • Now select the wired network from the list of available connections.
  • Select the option Test Xbox live connection and you will be automatically connected to Xbox live.

Wireless connection

For using a wireless connection you require, a high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL, router or wireless access point and an Xbox 360 wireless network adapter.

It is also possible to connect your console to x box live, even if you don’t have a router by using the internet connection directly from your computer.

If you are using a wireless connection,

  • First, connect your Xbox 360 wireless adapter to your Xbox 360.You can plug in the adapter into the USB port which is located at the back of the Xbox 360.
  • Turn on your Xbox 360 now and press the guide button to open the Xbox 360 menu. Guide button is located at the center of Xbox 360 controller
  • Go to the system settings and choose the Network settings option.
  • Now select the wireless network from the list of available connection types.
  • SSID is your wireless network name and will be listed once your Xbox 360 detects the signal. If your router is not properly configured, you will not be able to see your wireless network name.
  • Enter your wireless network username and password to get connected to the network
  • Select the option, Test Xbox live connection now and your console will be automatically connected to Xbox live.

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