Tricks to Set the Game DVR Video Quality

Game DVR Video Settings

Game DVR settings are available on your Windows 10 to capture the video, audio and screenshot them. You can also find the settings through the Xbox app and the game bar.

Game DVR Settings in Xbox app

  • The first step is to open your Xbox app.
  • Go to the settings now and select the Game DVR option
  • Categories like Keyboard shortcuts, Background recordings, Game clicks, saving captures, Audio and video encoding will now be visible.

Game DVR

Keyboard shortcuts

Standard keyboard shortcuts are available for Game DVR on windows 10 and you can set your own preferences.

Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts you can find for the Game DVR on windows 10

  • Open game bar option opens the game bar when you play the game.
  • Record that option can be used to save the last few moments of your gameplay as video capture
  • Start or stop recording option helps you to end or stop a video which is already recording
  • To take a screenshot you can use the Take screenshot option.
  • Hide the recording of your show using show/hide recording timer.
  • To record audio using your microphone, you can use the microphone recording on-off option. Commentary can also be added to your video using this option

Background Recording

Background recording helps you to record the last few moments of your gameplay. The moments will be captured before it is deleted. Background recording uses some of the PC resources to record the game and can affect your game performance.

Game clip option, which is available sets the maximum recording time for a clip and saves it when it reaches the maximum length.

Saving captures

Using this option, you can view the folders in which your screenshots and game clips are saved.

Audio option

  • The audio option allows you to record with or without sounds from your Game. Turn on the record audio option now and your audio will start recording.
  • Open the game bar and you can find the audio settings on the audio tab.

Video encoding option can be used to select the video quality and resolution. 10mbps at 1080p and 4.5mbps at 720p are the default game quality settings available.

How to Open Game DVR settings in your Game Bar

Press the Windows logo Key +G and then select the settings.

There are three tabs on the settings bar namely General, Shortcuts and audio. The settings under each tab are similar to that of the settings which appear in the Xbox app as described above.

To know more about the Game Dvr settings, you can call us on our toll-free number +1-888-308-2550 and our Windows support team is here to assist you.