Troubleshooting Display issues for Outlook

Outlook is one of latest web-based email service introduced by Microsoft. Some of the top and amazing features like fast user interface, social media integration, built-in viewers for videos and documents attract the users to a greater extent. Outlook has attracted over 60 million users with its attractive design.

Users sometimes face outlook display issues while sending or receiving emails. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps you can find to overcome outlook display issues.


Improper display of images

Sometimes the images appear blurred in your outlook. You can change the image settings by right-clicking the image and choosing the image properties

Once you select your Image properties, a window appears using which values can be set for v space and h space.

Try opening the image in a photo editing program and add a blank border around the image that is the same color as your outlook email.

If you find your background images do not display

If you find that the background images on your outlook are not displayed, try making some modifications in HTML template

Extra white space

Users sometimes face issues like the appearance of extra white space on outlook. The best solution to overcome this problem is to use Inbox preview tool which will help you to set your Outlook display in a better way without any extra spaces. You can also try reorganizing the content of your email.

You can also try sending a test mail to check the display of your email.

Outlook Display issues also occur if you have installed any new updates on your system. Try removing the updates or uninstalling it if you find that the updates are causing display issues for your outlook.

Outlook goes completely blank

Users also face issues that the outlook goes completely blank while using. You can try creating a new Outlook profile or switch your monitor in this case. If the problem still persists try closing and reopening your Outlook few times to overcome the error.

Display drivers causing error

Sometimes the recently installed device drivers can cause display errors. Try updating the display drivers or uninstalling it to prevent display errors on your outlook.

Outlook not displaying the HTML contents properly

Sometimes users face issues that the email with HTML content is not displayed correctly.

You can fix the issues by following the below steps.

  • Open your Outlook and click on the File option.
  • Now navigate to your mail section and scroll down to the Message format.
  • Now uncheck your reduce message size option by removing the format information that is not required to display the message

Distorted display of outlook due to Graphics acceleration Feature

The display of outlook becomes distorted due to the graphics acceleration feature. You can try creating a new Outlook profile for troubleshooting this issue.

You can now find the above guidelines to troubleshoot Outlook display problems.

If you still find any issues troubleshooting, you can also get in touch with our Outlook tech support team +1-888-308-2550  for further assistance.


How to Find and Troubleshoot The Outlook Connectivity Problems

Many people have to connect to the Outlook Exchange Server to access their work emails. Occasionally Outlook has problems connecting to the server. As with most technical issues, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” can sometimes work wonders with Outlook connectivity issues. sometimes when that solves absolutely nothing. Here the article contains some valuable points about Outlook connectivity issues, make use of it.


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Still, the problem remains contact our Microsoft customer support through +1-888-308-2550 or visit for more information.

How to Troubleshoot the Internet Explorer 11 Issues in Windows 7

If you experiencing a continual problem when you use windows internet explorer, the dialogue box pop-ups to repair or reinstall the program to fix the problem. This article offers direct and intimating way to fix this issues or if you still facing problems with your Internet Explorer contact our windows 7 support through 1-888-308-2550


How does an Antivirus Program work?

Whenever open any file on your computer the anti-virus program runs backend of your computer and scan for any malware or threads. antivirus software not only detects it also removes the same. Let’s take close look at how this antivirus program works and some of them are shown below.


Heuristic-based detection

Heuristic-based detection allows an antivirus to detect viruses that have not yet been discovered or previous viruses that have been modified or disguised and released as a new virus.

It is useful in finding new viruses but sometimes it fails to generate actual statements, which means an antivirus scanner may report a file as being infected that is not actually infected.

Signature-based or virus dictionary detection

Every antivirus scanner has its own definition file, a database which means it stores the previous data for analyzing.Today, there are well over 100,000 different known virus definition files that can be used for comparison.


This is the excellent method to find the previous known virus but it is not suitable for finding new viruses. In order to find the new virus the virus definition file has to be up-to-date.

Behavior-based detection

During behavior based detection antivirus analyzes the behavior of programs running on the computer. If a program begins to perform change it’s behavior such as modifying or deletion of files, changing the settings of other programs, monitoring key logs, remotely connecting to other computers.

It is useful in finding viruses or other malware that try to steal or log information. Currently, many programs require an online server or log keystrokes to prevent online cheating.

Sandbox detection

Antivirus program creates a emulated environment for the program to run and analyze its behavior. Monitors the program on some probation time. If appears any unnatural or deceptive actions alerts the user before it running it on the computer.

Cloud antivirus detection

Cloud antivirus detection uses a client on the computer that collects all the information about forms of virus detection mentioned in the cloud. By running the all the detection in the cloud, the computer needs little processing on a program for detection. But this process needs an internet connection.

Full system scan

Finally, a full system scan or individual file scan is a manual action that can be taken by a user to scan all of the files on their computer. To run this full scan, must open the antivirus program and select the particular program or choose the full system scan. Most antivirus software is configured to perform an automatic scan. By installing antivirus program keeps your system secure. Full system scan takes times between 20 minutes to several hours to complete.

If you need any antivirus support for your system, call our Microsoft customer support  +1-888-308-2550 for your computer is in iron forts from the malware!



Windows Data Backup and Recovery – For Keep Your Data Safe

Backing up your files to your computer is extremely important than your work. This is essentially safeguarding your data that has been created and stored on your system. A full backup and restoration utility has been provided by Microsoft for Windows 7.

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How to Fix Unable to Connect the Proxy Server?

  • If you are using Google Chrome it says unable to connect to the proxy server so basically, any website you go to if you have this issue it displays the same error can connect a proxy server.
  • A proxy server acts within your home network and online service to undertaking to connect.
  • One of the advantages of proxy servers is the relative invisibility they have the funds for Internet users.
  • We have seen an increasing number of extensions who will change the proxy settings of the machine without the user permit.
  • For example: When this malicious extension is installed, whenever you will try to load a web page with Google Chrome, you will see an “Unable to connect to the proxy server”. Apart from this unwanted proxy change, when infected with this malicious program,

Other common symptoms include:

  • If you are visiting Advertise banners are injected within the web pages.
  • Randomly web page text is turned into hyperlinks.
  • Browser popup appears while recommending some of the fake updates or software.
  • Some unwanted programs might get installed without the user knowledge.
  • You should always pay attention when you are installing the software. Because some of the software installers include optional installs too.
  • Always optional for the custom installation and deselect anything that is not familiar, especially optional software that you need not download and install in the first.

Now you have a solution to connect the Proxy Server:

  • Go to Google search page on to select the settings by scroll down
  • It shows advanced settings right here


  • To click the option to scroll down to till you see the network and change proxy settings.



  • Click that just to enter some address that is a valid obviously proxy server port.


  • If you are using processor this will be checked so to make sure using it.
  • Where you have to uncheck it now this will show up but that perfectly fine as long as you keep it unchecked or check.

If you have any issues to fix Unable to Connect the Proxy Server contact Microsoft customer support toll-free number +1-888-308-2550.

How to Fix the Microsoft Outlook Mail and Calendar Issues on Windows 10?

Sometimes you might be faced synchronizing issues with the Mail and Calendar app on your Windows10 device when it’s not able to fetch any content from If your Windows 10 Mail app is not synchronizing automatically with, here are a few troubleshooting steps that will help you fix the sync issues. For more details call our toll free number +1-888-308-2550 or visit


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