How does an Antivirus Program work?

Whenever open any file on your computer the anti-virus program runs backend of your computer and scan for any malware or threads. antivirus software not only detects it also removes the same. Let’s take close look at how this antivirus program works and some of them are shown below.


Heuristic-based detection

Heuristic-based detection allows an antivirus to detect viruses that have not yet been discovered or previous viruses that have been modified or disguised and released as a new virus.

It is useful in finding new viruses but sometimes it fails to generate actual statements, which means an antivirus scanner may report a file as being infected that is not actually infected.

Signature-based or virus dictionary detection

Every antivirus scanner has its own definition file, a database which means it stores the previous data for analyzing.Today, there are well over 100,000 different known virus definition files that can be used for comparison.


This is the excellent method to find the previous known virus but it is not suitable for finding new viruses. In order to find the new virus the virus definition file has to be up-to-date.

Behavior-based detection

During behavior based detection antivirus analyzes the behavior of programs running on the computer. If a program begins to perform change it’s behavior such as modifying or deletion of files, changing the settings of other programs, monitoring key logs, remotely connecting to other computers.

It is useful in finding viruses or other malware that try to steal or log information. Currently, many programs require an online server or log keystrokes to prevent online cheating.

Sandbox detection

Antivirus program creates a emulated environment for the program to run and analyze its behavior. Monitors the program on some probation time. If appears any unnatural or deceptive actions alerts the user before it running it on the computer.

Cloud antivirus detection

Cloud antivirus detection uses a client on the computer that collects all the information about forms of virus detection mentioned in the cloud. By running the all the detection in the cloud, the computer needs little processing on a program for detection. But this process needs an internet connection.

Full system scan

Finally, a full system scan or individual file scan is a manual action that can be taken by a user to scan all of the files on their computer. To run this full scan, must open the antivirus program and select the particular program or choose the full system scan. Most antivirus software is configured to perform an automatic scan. By installing antivirus program keeps your system secure. Full system scan takes times between 20 minutes to several hours to complete.

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