Tricks to Set the Game DVR Video Quality

Game DVR Video Settings

Game DVR settings are available on your Windows 10 to capture the video, audio and screenshot them. You can also find the settings through the Xbox app and the game bar.

Game DVR Settings in Xbox app

  • The first step is to open your Xbox app.
  • Go to the settings now and select the Game DVR option
  • Categories like Keyboard shortcuts, Background recordings, Game clicks, saving captures, Audio and video encoding will now be visible.

Game DVR

Keyboard shortcuts

Standard keyboard shortcuts are available for Game DVR on windows 10 and you can set your own preferences.

Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts you can find for the Game DVR on windows 10

  • Open game bar option opens the game bar when you play the game.
  • Record that option can be used to save the last few moments of your gameplay as video capture
  • Start or stop recording option helps you to end or stop a video which is already recording
  • To take a screenshot you can use the Take screenshot option.
  • Hide the recording of your show using show/hide recording timer.
  • To record audio using your microphone, you can use the microphone recording on-off option. Commentary can also be added to your video using this option

Background Recording

Background recording helps you to record the last few moments of your gameplay. The moments will be captured before it is deleted. Background recording uses some of the PC resources to record the game and can affect your game performance.

Game clip option, which is available sets the maximum recording time for a clip and saves it when it reaches the maximum length.

Saving captures

Using this option, you can view the folders in which your screenshots and game clips are saved.

Audio option

  • The audio option allows you to record with or without sounds from your Game. Turn on the record audio option now and your audio will start recording.
  • Open the game bar and you can find the audio settings on the audio tab.

Video encoding option can be used to select the video quality and resolution. 10mbps at 1080p and 4.5mbps at 720p are the default game quality settings available.

How to Open Game DVR settings in your Game Bar

Press the Windows logo Key +G and then select the settings.

There are three tabs on the settings bar namely General, Shortcuts and audio. The settings under each tab are similar to that of the settings which appear in the Xbox app as described above.

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How to connect with Xbox live

Xbox live is one among the best online service for your Xbox 360 console. If you enjoy playing games or streaming contents such as movies, TV shows, sporting events, music, Go for your Xbox live now with unlimited streaming.

Xbox live allows you to play games, download and play free game demos, watch movies with Netflix, HBO, GO, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant video .you can also listen to your personalized music with Xbox music and I  Heart Radio.

To connect your console with Xbox live, an active internet connection, either a wired or wireless is essential. You also have options to use your phone or tablet as a second screen for enhanced game and entertainment.


Wired connection

Wired connection is fastest and easy ways to connect to your Xbox live and a network cable is essential to connect your Xbox 360 live to your Router or modem.

A Router, gateway or modem, network cable, high-speed internet connection such as DSL are essential for setting up Xbox live with a wired connection.

You can follow the instructions below on how to connect your Xbox 360 to your Router or modem.

  • The first step is to connect your Xbox 360 to your Router or modem using an Ethernet network cable.
  • Now turn on your Xbox 360 and open the Xbox 360 menu by pressing the guide button. You can find the guide button at the center on your Xbox 360 controller.
  • Go to settings tab >system settings > Network settings
  • Now select the wired network from the list of available connections.
  • Select the option Test Xbox live connection and you will be automatically connected to Xbox live.

Wireless connection

For using a wireless connection you require, a high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL, router or wireless access point and an Xbox 360 wireless network adapter.

It is also possible to connect your console to x box live, even if you don’t have a router by using the internet connection directly from your computer.

If you are using a wireless connection,

  • First, connect your Xbox 360 wireless adapter to your Xbox 360.You can plug in the adapter into the USB port which is located at the back of the Xbox 360.
  • Turn on your Xbox 360 now and press the guide button to open the Xbox 360 menu. Guide button is located at the center of Xbox 360 controller
  • Go to the system settings and choose the Network settings option.
  • Now select the wireless network from the list of available connection types.
  • SSID is your wireless network name and will be listed once your Xbox 360 detects the signal. If your router is not properly configured, you will not be able to see your wireless network name.
  • Enter your wireless network username and password to get connected to the network
  • Select the option, Test Xbox live connection now and your console will be automatically connected to Xbox live.

To know more on how to connect your X box live, you can call us on our toll-free number via +1-888-308-2550 and our Microsoft support team is here to assist you.

How to take a data backup for windows

Protecting and safeguarding your data is essential for both computers at home as well as at the office. There are different ways available for windows to secure your data by taking a data backup for your windows.

The built in backup and restore options available on your windows help you to take a back up of your data to prevent the loss of important or valuable information. Software’s are also available now using which you can take a back up of your files in a single click.

Taking a data backup for windows is essential to overcome Hardware failures, virus attacks, Natural disasters and human errors. A full system back up becomes essential to protect all your personal and business files.


Backup and Restore

  • Go to the control panel and choose the system and maintenance option.
  • Now select the backup and restore option.
  • Right click start button > control panel > System and Maintenance >Back up and Restore.
  • If you have never used a back up before and you have newly installed your system, choose the Back up now option to create a manual back up of your data.
  • You can now use the browse for files or browse for folders option to search the files, which you have taken a back up.

To restore files from a backup

If you are a windows 8 user, you can select the files or folders you want to restore by clicking the check box that appears next to the folder or filename.

If you are windows 7user, you have three options to search for the files or folders you want to restore.

  • Search for files
  • Browse for files
  • Browse for folders

Windows 8 will put the files back to the original location. Try renaming the file, if you have files already with the same name.

Software programs to take a back up

Paragon hard disk manager suite and Cobian back up are some of the examples of software programs which can be installed on your computer to perform a complete system back up. Some software’s are free where as the others require a paid subscription.

Windows 10

If you are a windows 10 user, then you have two different backup programs, File history, and windows backup and restore option. The file history tool automatically saves multiple versions of a given file and restores it before it is deleted.

Easy transfer feature

The easy transfer feature available on your windows helps you to transfer your data to a different computer.

  • Go to the start and type windows easy transfer in the start search box.
  • Now click the windows easy transfer option from the program list that appears.

Windows 7

Try launching the Backup and restore application in windows 7 to take a back up of your data.

System Image back up for windows 8.1 or windows 10

  • If you are a windows 8.1 or windows 10 user, you can use a system image back up option.
  • Go to the control panel by right clicking the start button.
  • The next step is to click on the File history and then system image back up the link in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Now connect an external USB hard drive with enough space.
  • A backup wizard opens now and you will be prompted to choose options to save the backup.
  • Click on the next option and start the backup process by selecting the Start back up option.

Windows 8 back up feature.

The backup feature of windows 8 is known as File history. Once you have set up your file history, the windows will save the copy of your files to your libraries or desktop folders on a regular basis.

To know more about how to take a data backup for windows, you can also get assistance or guidance from our windows tech support at +1-888-308-2550.


Troubleshooting Display issues for Outlook

Outlook is one of latest web-based email service introduced by Microsoft. Some of the top and amazing features like fast user interface, social media integration, built-in viewers for videos and documents attract the users to a greater extent. Outlook has attracted over 60 million users with its attractive design.

Users sometimes face outlook display issues while sending or receiving emails. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps you can find to overcome outlook display issues.


Improper display of images

Sometimes the images appear blurred in your outlook. You can change the image settings by right-clicking the image and choosing the image properties

Once you select your Image properties, a window appears using which values can be set for v space and h space.

Try opening the image in a photo editing program and add a blank border around the image that is the same color as your outlook email.

If you find your background images do not display

If you find that the background images on your outlook are not displayed, try making some modifications in HTML template

Extra white space

Users sometimes face issues like the appearance of extra white space on outlook. The best solution to overcome this problem is to use Inbox preview tool which will help you to set your Outlook display in a better way without any extra spaces. You can also try reorganizing the content of your email.

You can also try sending a test mail to check the display of your email.

Outlook Display issues also occur if you have installed any new updates on your system. Try removing the updates or uninstalling it if you find that the updates are causing display issues for your outlook.

Outlook goes completely blank

Users also face issues that the outlook goes completely blank while using. You can try creating a new Outlook profile or switch your monitor in this case. If the problem still persists try closing and reopening your Outlook few times to overcome the error.

Display drivers causing error

Sometimes the recently installed device drivers can cause display errors. Try updating the display drivers or uninstalling it to prevent display errors on your outlook.

Outlook not displaying the HTML contents properly

Sometimes users face issues that the email with HTML content is not displayed correctly.

You can fix the issues by following the below steps.

  • Open your Outlook and click on the File option.
  • Now navigate to your mail section and scroll down to the Message format.
  • Now uncheck your reduce message size option by removing the format information that is not required to display the message

Distorted display of outlook due to Graphics acceleration Feature

The display of outlook becomes distorted due to the graphics acceleration feature. You can try creating a new Outlook profile for troubleshooting this issue.

You can now find the above guidelines to troubleshoot Outlook display problems.

If you still find any issues troubleshooting, you can also get in touch with our Outlook tech support team +1-888-308-2550  for further assistance.

Solution For Unexpected Network Communication Errors in Windows 10

As much advanced the connection are,  the threats and vulnerabilities also come into play. When you see An unexpected network communication error occurred in “Network connection” option your Windows 10 is facing minor trouble! Mainly this problem occurs due to broken or damaged registry files.


Some tricks have listed in this article  that might help in troubleshooting. Call our toll-free 1-888-308-2550 to get a Windows support.

How to Find and Troubleshoot The Outlook Connectivity Problems

Many people have to connect to the Outlook Exchange Server to access their work emails. Occasionally Outlook has problems connecting to the server. As with most technical issues, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” can sometimes work wonders with Outlook connectivity issues. sometimes when that solves absolutely nothing. Here the article contains some valuable points about Outlook connectivity issues, make use of it.


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Still, the problem remains contact our Microsoft customer support through +1-888-308-2550 or visit for more information.

How to Troubleshoot the Internet Explorer 11 Issues in Windows 7

If you experiencing a continual problem when you use windows internet explorer, the dialogue box pop-ups to repair or reinstall the program to fix the problem. This article offers direct and intimating way to fix this issues or if you still facing problems with your Internet Explorer contact our windows 7 support through 1-888-308-2550